Are You Ready to Party? Join in the Cool For School Blog Bash!

Need Stuff for School. Why not start start here. I'm planning a month of reviews and giveaways. I'll keep you posted with the companies, who are participating. In the mean time keep checking back for it.  Visit my other blog at
Jyla's Three Of Us Giveaway and enter giveaways. 

I've teamed up with other bloggers to join me! You'll have more chances to win different products too!


  1. What a cute site! Is your blog brand new? Will you be doing book reviews? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Francisca,I must say this blog design is simply adorable. awwww.. I'm your newest follower from Mombloggersclub. Stop by and visit me at healthy living & a balanced you

  3. Hi! I'm a NEW follower from MBC and I absolutely love your blog! I wanted you to know that I am not only a follower but someone who is inspired by your passion and insight. I also wanted to give you the Stylish Blog Award...Stylish Blogger Award

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  4. It all looks so wonderful!! I am now following your blog