About Me

I met my husband in college.  I didn't expect to get involved with anyone is college.   For me it was me and the books but he stole my heart.  I am have been married with him for 6 years.   My husband and I have been together for 7 years.  We have a beautiful 2 year old son. We are expecting our second child due on October 16, 2010.   We are happy for the arrival of our son.

I do enjoy blogging, cooking and drawing.  I cook different foods everyday.  It's nice to make new recipes for my family.  I will share my recipes with you.  I enjoy blogging about the products that are out there.  Whether the products are good, safe and reliable.  I want my readers to know my honest opinion about products, they could consider buying.  Since I was young, I enjoyed being creative and drawing just about anything.  I draw because it's relaxing.