Boneless Chicken Sliced
Some Pieces Bonesless Chicken Sliced
Seasoned with Oregano, Onion Powder, Lemon Pepper and Salt
Cooked in Corn Oil

Potato Salad
Added small can of green peas & carrots, small can of corn, onions chopped small pieces, boiled 3 Eggs/ chopped small pieces and  boiled five potates chopped small pieces.
Seasoned with Salt and Pepper
Added Mayonnaise
Last-Mix all ingredients together

Red Beans
One can red beans
Cook add a spoon corn oil
Added some chopped onions, some chopped green peppers, spoon garlic paste, some green olives and tomato paste.
Seasoned with pepper and just a finger pitch of Goya Cubito en Pollo
Add water.
Last-watch it cook because and dry up.  Put more water if needed. Stir until thick, just the way you like it.

2 1/2 cups rice
3 cups water
add spoon corn oil
Seansoned with spoon salt
Last- when water dries up; mix rice and put a lid on and lower the fire on the stove so rice don't burn. 

This is the picture of the recipe I served my son.

I hope you can try making this recipe and enjoy the food like my family does.  Any questions you may have about this recipe just leave me a comment with your email address.
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